Lena Kilkka


A cultural anthropologist and creative, this native North Carolinian has been “sleepworking” around Germany and the Balkans since 2002. The majority of Lena Kilkka’s recent creative work is based on images, sounds and sensations that come to her during the transition and blending of nocturnal realities; it attempts to communicate how the horror, beauty and even absurd humor of those vast, complex worlds go hand in hand.

She enjoys experimenting with analogue, digital, alternative, historical, multimedial and unorthodox photographic techniques, and is most fascinated by the aesthetic merging of photography and painting, by the abstract and experimental. This often places her works into the somewhat non-conventional yet cozy corners of today’s photographic realm.

Please visit www.lena-kilkka.com for more information and updates.


Seit 2014  Mitglied der Künstlergruppe Blaue Ampel
2011-2014  Autorin des Kultur-Blogs Berlin goes Balkan
2009-2013  Weiterbildung Fotografie, u.a. Photocentrum am Wassertor, Berlin
2007  Master-Abschluss Osteuropastudien, Schwerpunkt Südosteuropäische Kultur, FU-Berlin.
2002  Bachelor-Abschluss German Studies und Kunst/Fotografie, UNC-Charlotte, USA


Exhibitions / Ausstellungen

Looking through Landscape, Prima Center Berlin (März)
Schauplatz, Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (April)
Im Osten viel Blaues/Much Blue in the East, moving poets at MoBe, Kunst am Spreeknie – Schöneweide Art Festival, Berlin (Juli)
Marquee Summer Groupshow, Marquee bar and art space, Berlin (Juli-August)
19 x Landschaften, Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
Über Grenzen Gehen, Projektraum, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin